MSD Coil,Black,GM LS Series (LS-2/7), Single


Pro Power Coil for GM LS2 and LS7 series engines. Sold Individually

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Do you have a built LS with bumped up compression, a cam or intake? How about running Nitrous or Boost? Did you think about added spark energy to squeeze all the power out of your power adders? Bolt-on multiple sparks and maximum spark energy for powerful performance at any RPM with an MSD Pro Power coil. MSD's engineering team have been working diligently to improve our Multiple Spark Coils for the popular GM LS-engine platform. MSD Pro Power coils fit in place of the OEM coils yet are capable of delivering higher spark energy to the plugs and multiple sparks at idle rpm.


  • Increased spark energy and voltage output at any RPM
  • Multiple spark capability to improve the combustion process
  • Direct plug-in to factory coil location and factory connectors
  • Improved Throttle response
  • Smoother Idle and Quicker Starts
  • Improved higher RPM performance
  • Patented winding design and materials
  • Sold Individually